This is an Open call for the Green street urban intervention project.

The project is a set of 4, month long urban interventions between creatives and the urban community, with the aim of exploring ideas towards influencing public behavior. Our focus is on the regeneration of the trilateral close between Raymond Njoku street and Taofik Lawal street in South-West Ikoyi, Lagos (see image labeled ‘proposed intervention wall’ below).

Towards the end of last year, our office ​MOE+Art Architecture conducted an urban experiment. Targeting our little corner on Raymond Njoku, we carried out simple and artful interventions to test how design can instigate behavioral changes within the community. Over the course of four months, we held discussions between artists of varying mediums. During these discussions, we generated ideas on how to restore our local area and prevent anti-social behavior such as public urination and loitering.

Our findings spurred us to expand this project with our final aim to be the creation of a ​Clean Green Sustainable Streetscape that will allow for a more interactive and playful street experience where cars and pedestrians co-exist harmoniously thus, attracting more public users into the area. Our aim is to continue implementing creative and altruistic ways to address issues like public urination and to restore the dignity of our street and all who use it. We seek to collaborate with local residents, local artists and the wider community to research regeneration techniques with the hope that our findings will be implemented across the city.

Going forward, the intervention will involve a selected creative each month between the months of July and October, to continue this urban experiment. To signify interest, please fill the form below accompanied by a 3000 word PDF proposal of not more than 10MB. Your document should do the following:

. State in detail what the intention of your intervention is
. State in detail your method of execution (highlighting materials and time frame needed. It must be achievable within 1 week)
. Provide a ball park figure needed for execution. Note that the intervention will need to be low-cost
. Be sustainable in a choice of materials
. Be simple yet effective
. Seek to have a noticeable impact on the community’s use of the intended space

Your document may include sketches, drawings, 3D images or any other material relevant to explaining your work. You do not need technical experience. What you need is creativity and thirst for social and urban change.

Apply here:

*Extended deadline  for proposal: 12:00AM, 07 July 2019