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Making things better by design

59, Raymond Njoku Street

Ikoyi South-West


T: +234 (1) 454-4665,


59, Raymond Njoku Street Ikoyi South-West Lagos

At MOE+ we aim to work with the brightest and most innovative and creative minds. What is paramount to the group ideology is the expression of ‘possibility’.  Always looking how we can make things better, using design and all the tools available to us.


We remain committed to creating an environment that attracts the best young minds in the field of design and creativity on the continent and beyond. However, the office always remain ‘human’, in capacity and scale, ensuring we are able to focus on work that is ‘value adding’ to our Clients and the wider urban, cultural, design and architectural landscape.



We have positions for 2 internships a year.



We have positions for 2 internships a year from students and graduates studying outside of Nigeria with full accommodation.

If you want to be a part of our team. All applications should be sent with a PDF of your portfolio, up to date C.V and a cover letter telling us about yourself and some of your thoughts, passions and ideas.


Please send your c.v to



However, we are more than happy to hear from you.

MOE+ run a series of programs throughout the year that focus on art and architecture. Lead by the in-house design team. The programs range from in-house talks to open workshops. The program focus specifically on ‘next generation’ engagement within the areas of public space and product design, using art and architecture as catalyst for civic engagement and ‘making’.


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