The Sanctuary – Beluah Resort, is set within a few kilometres off the Epe conservation area. An area, west of Lagos that bridges the Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. The area has been zoned by the Lagos State government, to create a highly desirable sustainable environment. The Sanctuary was an invited architectural competition, by a private developer, to create the first holistic health care and recovery centre in Nigeria, focusing on the vast amount of Nigeria travelling abroad to receive medical treatment for cancer and unable to come home for recovery. The brief was to minimize impact on the environment and create a truly exception experience for the end user.

The concept looked to local inspiration, using forms, material textures and basket weaving techniques that are commonly used by furniture artisans, under bridges all over Lagos. The site is layered between and open green ground layer and a raised level, whose layout takes inspiration from the scattering of sea shells along the beach, with basket cabins for the guests and tree houses for day visitors.

ClientBeluah ResortsRoleArchitectural Design Concept - Competition WinnerLocationEpe, Lagos, NigeriaYear2011

Privacy Preference Center