Bolaji Ogunrosoye is a team-lead design architect at MOE+ where our philosophy since inception in 1991 is to encourage , develop and actively support extra talent within individuals beyond the skills of core architecture . In 2013 , the practice MOE Ltd merged with O+O architects led by 360 degree creative , Papa Omotayo to become MOE + artArchitecture. Taking the ‘+’ from O+O , we adopted the plus to signify collaborations with practitioners of the arts across the spectrum and internally as a driver to encourage all to find their ‘plus’ hence, the Loose Woman project.

The loose woman project delves into the emotional landscape of a young Nigerian woman, exploring notions of perception, self esteem, societal expectations, mental awareness and relationships. The artist uses herself as the subject to which she explores the battle between what is expected of her and what she wants for herself.

Using digital collages within moving images, the artist imagines herself in places where she is distanced from expectations and is allowed to be. The result is a re-imagination and re-claiming  of the the connotation , ‘Loose Woman’ : wayward, hussy, jade, fornicatress, to a woman who is just allowed to be – herself.

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