Our design strategy always begins with understanding the story of our clients and translating those stories into meaningful experiences. With the redesign of the Nigerian Breweries PLC HQ, the story was simple, an established corporation looking to maximise efficiency of its workforce and connect with a younger generation through its architecture and branding. A closer look reveals an organisation young at heart, spirited, with an vibrant workforce confined within a building currently bursting at the seams. Our approach sought to harness this energy, morph it into an agile system that supports a live, work, play culture of the modern office and express it on the inside and outside.

The redesign called for an expansion of the existing 3000sqm office space to achieve an optimum occupancy ratio that supports modern flexible work modes of individuality and collaboration. Our solution focuses on a series of coordinated expansions woven together by a continuous element that defines the façade. At one end, a long bar addition opens up into a front lawn. At the other, a glass box extension floats over an existing parking lot and connects to the existing structure via a long continuous atrium. The atrium, primarily for circulation and natural lighting, serves as a major social corridor allowing opportunities for interaction through the building to the rooftop lounge and garden. The interior of the building was re-planned for effective workflow with spaces for focus work, group discussions, relaxation and informal work. The tone is set in a neutral backdrop with an organic harmony of complimentary colours, wooden and patterned accents.

The new façade preserves the shading function of the former. Referencing the chemical structure of beer, the element features a shifting system of wood hexagon lattice and struts, interlaced into a weave that shades the building from direct sunlight and provides privacy for outdoor spaces. More than an aesthetic statement, the weave is a tribute to the commitment and achievements of the organisation and a means to engage the observer in its narrative.

ClientNBLServicesArchitectural Design Concept Year2016